Flying Headers

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Title: Flying Headers

Description: You must be crazy to even play virtual football! This is a fun and crazy football game! Take them all before the aliens are doing and try to make yourself a bundle of cash in the process. If you want your friend to join you, you can do it too. Your friend can take a page from the keyboard with you. You can use the arrow keys to control the player you depict him to move to the left and right, and if you're in a two-player mode, your friend can use W |? Battle Royale is a very cool online war game. W? , A |? You both have twenty points. A,? S |? Pick it up to recharge and filling. S |? Dragon Fist two is awesome online fighting game. D |? Here, you must do at least ten goals against your opponent as quickly as possible. D |? Use your katana, ninja stars, shells, et cetera. , Keys.